• Contestants in a Spaghetti Eating Contest
  • Woman Looking up from Her Plate at the Spaghetti Eating Contest
  • Irish Italian Shark Attack Vendor
  • View of the Attendees at the Festival
  • Man Playing Bagpipes
  • Consumer Checking out a Vendor Stall
  • Two Performers on Stage
  • Woman Adjusting Her Instrument on Stage
  • Winner Being Presented with the Best Entree Award
  • Participants with Their Face in a Plate of Spaghetti
  • Two Men Cooking and Preparing Food on a Grill
  • Young Girl Playing on a Bounce House
  • Man Being Presented with the Spaghetti Eating Contest Award
  • Man Playing a Guitar and Woman Playing the Violin on His Shoulder
  • Two People Performing on Stage in Green
  • Man Grilling Sausages
  • Two People Dressed in Irish Hats
  • Man Dressed Up and Banging on a Drum
  • Participants with Their Hands Behind Their Back Eating Plates of Spaghetti
  • Two Performers in Kilts on a Stage

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