Child Watch Fees

The Child must be a member of the facility to use Child Watch. While the Child Watch area is not free, monthly rates or pre-paid punch cards make this child care service both convenient and affordable. Child Watch payments are made at the Customer Service Desk.


$25 for each individual child.

The payment must be designated for a specific child and cannot be used on multiple children from the same family on alternating visits. Each month starts on the first calendar day and ends on the last calendar day. This option includes an unlimited number of visits per month. Fees will not be pro-rated.

Punch Card

$40 per 20 hour card

For your convenience we ask that Punch Cards be utilized when purchasing child watch services on a daily, per visit basis. 20-hour punch cards are available for $40. The punch card is valid for one year from date of purchase and may be used on multiple children from the same family.

Hourly Payment

$3 per hour per child