Candle Safety

Candles may be pretty and some may even smell nice, but they are still an open flame and one of the leading causes of home fires. Even candles for religious use should be used with caution. Here are a few safety tips for using candles in your home:

  • Candles should be in a sturdy holder that can’t tip over easily and are on non-cluttered surfaces.
  • Make sure there is at least 1ft of empty space around a lit candle. More than ½ of all candle fires are because a candle is placed too close to something that can burn.
  • Never burn a candle all the way down.
  • When lighting a candle, don’t have hair down or wear loose clothing.
  • Make sure to blow out candles when leaving the room.
  • Avoid lighting candles where people can fall asleep. 1/3 of all candle fires originate in the bedroom.
  • When lighting candles in a religious service, the unlit candle should dip into the lit candle.
  • If a candle must be lit continuously, make sure it is enclosed in a glass container in a sink, small basin, or metal tray filled with water.
  • During the holidays, keep candles away from Christmas Trees.
  • If you use Jack-O-Lanterns, be sure to clean the pumpkin very well before placing the candle inside. And always be sure to never light a dry, old pumpkin.
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Candle Safety Documents