FEES:  NMB Resident

Daily $1; Weekly $4; Monthly $10 with Additional Family Member $5 ; Annual $60 with Additional Family $30

FEES: NMB Non-Resident

Daily $2; Weekly $6; Monthly $15 with Additional Family Member $8 ; Annual $90 with Additional Family $45


Every Thursday between 4 and 5 pm the upcoming weeks (Monday through Friday) sessions will be posted online and you will be able to start reserving gym time.

• Go to Online Registration

• Choose which Gym you would like to play in based on your skill level.

• Use the calendar to book available dates and times.

• Each individual must be registered under their own name.

      - Duplicate names in a session will be deleted.

      - Only one session may be booked per person per day. Duplicates will be deleted.

• Once you have reserved your time, you will receive a confirmation email.

      -You will be able to make cancellations from these emails.

Gym One Recommended Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Gym Two Recommended Skill Level Strong Intermediate to Advanced

Session Times:

o 8:30 am to 11:30 am

o 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm


• Walk-ins will be permitted to fill the gym to its maximum capacity of 24.

• You will have 30 minutes after the session starts to join as a walk-in. If you are more than 30 minutes late for your session, someone waiting may take your spot.

• If you have played during the day in your reserved time slot and there is a slot available later in the day, you may fill the slot only as a walk-in.


• All players will be allowed to enter the building 10 minutes before their scheduled start time.

• Players must wait outside of the building.

• All players are asked to practice social distancing by remaining 6 feet apart from each other inside the facility and while waiting outside.

• Upon entering the building, players will check-in at the front desk.

• Directional signs will be posted for entering and exiting all facility doors.

• The first group in each gym will be required to set up pickleball nets. They will be stored in an upright position along the walls.

• The last group playing in each gym should remove the nets from the floor and relocate them along the walls in the gym.

• When a session ends, all players in that gym will have 5 minutes to vacate the facility.

   - At that time, J. Bryan Floyd Community Center staff will make a sweep of the facilities to clean all surfaces   before the next group starts.

    -No lingering and socializing in the gyms and hallways.

• Floors in gyms 1 and 2 will be cleaned before 8:30 am and again between 12:15 pm and 1 pm.

• Players should wash hands frequently, use hand sanitizer at entrance and stations provided throughout the building.

• Participants are encouraged to provide and utilize their own masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves when participating in activities within the facility.

• If a player has tested positive for the Corona Virus or is experiencing symptoms, they may not enter the facility until cleared by their healthcare provider.

• Players must complete sign-in forms and new waivers at the front desk before playing. Players will not be allowed to play until all paperwork is completed.


• Outdoor Pickleball courts are open to the public free of charge at all times.

• Players are responsible for providing their own paddles and balls for indoor and outdoor play. Nets are provided.

• Indoor pickleball play is for adults 18 and over.


Individualized instruction for better performance on the courts, in game situations. Use of the Pickleball Machine Feeder when available.

Ages 18+

J. Bryan Floyd Community Center

Center - Indoor

Individual $35/hour; 2 people $25/hr; 3 people $20/ hr; 4 people $15 each. 

Certified CPR Instructors: Call for appointment - Vicki Kelly (508) 223-6003, Vickikelly34568@gmail.com