Jury Trial Information

The defendant also has the right to request a trial by jury which would occur at a date later than originally scheduled bench trial. Jury trials are scheduled five (5) times per year, usually every other month. The jury consists of 6 people who must agree unanimously on the verdict.

Jury Trial Request Forms

2023 Dates for Jury Rosters & Jury Trials

Roster Call DatePre-Trial Docket DateJury Trial Week
January 5January 19January 23 - 27
March 30April 13
April 27 - 21
No Trials
For May Term
July 6
July 20
July 24 - 28
September 7
September 21
September 25 - 29
October 26
November 9
November 13-17

All attorneys are required to attend roster call at 9 am unless your cases have been resolved in writing prior to roster call. Any plea offer not accepted in writing will expire at 5 pm on the Thursday before jury selection. All pro se defendants are required to attend roster call at 10 am.

Pre-Trial Docket (Public Defender cases only)

If the Public Defender has been appointed to your case, you must contact their office as soon as possible. Their office will schedule your appearance dates.

Jury Selection

Jury selection begins on Monday at 9 am to all juries for the week will be selected at that time.