What happens after I’ve been arrested?

The Bookings Process is a procedure that is done after someone has been arrested for an offense….

  1. After the arrest, the officer brings you in and removes your personal belongings and inventories them.
  2. Next begins the processing. The Detention Officer will ask your personal information; name, date of birth, address, any mental health or medical issues, etc.
  3. The Detention Officer then gets information from the officer; charges, ticket number, any kind of holding information, and it is all stored in the computerized booking system.
  4. You will then be taken to the Identification Room; here your photos and fingerprints will be taken. Anyone brought in on any kind of charge will be photographed.
  5. After that, you will be allowed to make any kind of phone calls needed.
  6. From here, you will be placed into a cell until the following:
    • You bond out or have a family member bond you out at any point during that day/night.
    • You can wait until the next morning at 9 am at your hearing.
    • You’re transported (if need be.)

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1. What happens after I’ve been arrested?
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